Be A Volunteer-Terms & Conditions

     If you have not done so already, Please email your volunteer photo to, or contact Paula Murphy at 680-7587 to make arrangements to have your photo taken. Thank You!

Click here if you are part of a non-profit organization that would like to participate in Trinidaddio and earn a possible donation for your group!

Here are a few points in addition to our Terms & Conditions that will hopefully make you more comfortable as a volunteer and help us all succeed.  If you have questions, never hesitate to email me, Jerry Campbell or Paula Murphy or any Board Member of the Trinidaddio Blues Fest – Volunteer Application may be downloaded at the bottom of this page – Here we go!

  • This is a “Daddio” event!  We may define Daddio as “cool, under control, smooth sailing”.  We want everyone who attends to have a great time…including you!  There should never be a time when you are called on to be anything other than nice to a patron.  If there are unruly folks infringing on the person next to them having a good time too…please alert your “lead” person who will contact security or…if there is a security person nearby…please alert them immediately.
  • Being a ‘Blues Crew’ member, people in the crowd may look to you for assistance- please assist them with a smile!

Volunteer Guidelines and Benefits…

  • 6+ hours receive a Tee shirt, Saturday Pass and Meals during the fest.
  • All volunteers will be invited to a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner announced after the fest.
  • Know your lead person and acquaint yourself with your area to know where you would turn for help if you need it.  Paula Murphy is the Volunteer Liaison; so if you have any problem, please don’t hesitate to ask.
  • A photograph may be uploaded with the volunteer form on the next page or you may submit your photo for your ID pass asap to: Jerry Campbell.  If you’ve emailed Jerry in the past with your photo, please send new photos if you wish.  Photos will also be taken at our booth at the Farmers Market.  Check the Chronicle News and our Facebook Page for dates.
  • Please be at LEAST 15 minutes early for your shift to ensure a smooth transition.  If you’re working the 1st shift – morning, you MUST be on site by 10am.  Check-In Volunteer Booth is located at the back entrance to the park accessible from the Smith Ave Entrance.  There you will receive your volunteer shirt and photo ID badge.
  • Please empty one 55-gallon trashcan into the large dumpsters and replace the liner at the end of your shift.
  • EVERYONE attending Trinidaddio should have a Fest bracelet, a Photo ID or the “Trinidaddio Guitar” stamp.  If you see people in the fest without these…alert them that they need to go to the entrance to pay and escort them to the front gate.  You can always contact your lead or use the walkie-talkie at your station to ask security to do this.
  • If you are serving alcohol…
  • You must be TIPS certified!  Trinidaddio will reimburse those who provide proof of certification.
  • ONLY people with drinking friendly wristbands can be served.
    Even if they are clearly over 21, you need to refer them back to the ID Check Booth where they show their ID and get the proper wristband.  During your shift you MUST be sober – please be aware, you represent the Trinidaddio Blues Fest and should conduct yourself accordingly.  Any Volunteer seen drinking during their shift or that becomes intoxicated will be escorted from the Fest, and barred from future volunteer efforts with the Trinidaddio Blues Fest.  This is not just Blues Fest policy, but also city ordinance for special events.  Trinidad Police Department is in charge of Fest security, and will enforce all regulations.
  • VIP Wait Staff: You will have your own cocktail jockey booth, and will be serving the back stage and VIP Seating Tents.  For 2018, we will not be using cash for drinks.
  • Beer and cocktails may only be purchased using Trinidaddio Drink Tickets.
  • Tickets will not be sold at the bars.
  • Attendees must purchase tickets at either the ticket booth at the Front Gate, or at the Trinidaddio Merchandise booth.
  • All tips must be CASH ONLY! DRINK TICKETS may NOT be accepted.
  • You will collect the tickets when the drinks are ordered by the customer and give them to your bartender for the drinks ordered before they’re given to you; extra pens/pads will be provided should you need additional supplies.
  • Front Gate: There are no refunds. There are no upgrades. VIP tickets are limited; when they’re gone, they’re gone. Students, Seniors & Military may receive a $15 discount on tickets (ID required); there are special buttons on the Square app. See me with questions here.

Thank you all so much for your help…we cannot do this thing without you!  Have a great “Daddio” time!

I have read the terms and conditions set forth above and would like to volunteer for the Trinidaddio Blues Fest – click on ‘I Agree’ below to download Volunteer Application.