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Trinidaddio Blues Fest 2018

Tickets ON SALE NOW! ~ We will see you there on Saturday, August 25th - It's Going to be GREAT!

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Trinidaddio Blues Fest 2018 ~ August 25th ~ We’ll See You There!

Another World Class Line Up!

Thank You!

Trinidaddio Blues Fest 2017 was a huge success thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, the tireless efforts of an army of volunteers, and the thousands who attended!
Special Thanks to the City of Trinidad, The City of Trinidad Police Department, The City of Trinidad Fire Department and The City of Trinidad Tourism Board!  We would also like to express our gratitude to the Colorado Department of Corrections for their continued support.

Trinidaddio is not possible without the help of an army of volunteers!

Thank You!  ~  Thank You!  ~  Thank You!

Paul Ackerman, Dianne Ackerman, Melissa Aguilar, Hayden Alworth, Kris Alworth, Dave Ashby, Katrina Benavidez, Jeffery Bigelow, Terrance Brown, Terry Brown, Jerry Campbell, Camilla Campbell, Kolleen Caricato, Patrick Catherina, Peter Chase, Maxie Cook, Chrissy Cordova, Derrick Cress, Mary Cress, Tom Cress, Tim Crisler, Jim Cuccia, Joyce Cuccia, Loretta Cusimano, Stan Cusimano

Jay Denny, Whitney Dodd, Kelvin Doss, Regina Doss, Bethany Doss, Haley Dove, Dea Ann Duhon, Nancy Ellis, Jason Ellis, Audrey Forcier, Rebecca Gilbert, Michelle Goodall, Rusty Goodall, Edward L. Griego, Karen Griego, Kathleen Griego, Tina Guzzo, Smokey Guzzo, Steve Hampton, Eric Dean Hanson, Tim Harper, Haskell Hooks, Bob Hunter, Christina Hunter, Roland Johnson

Sylvia Ketcham, Lee Kirkwood, Terri Kirkwood, Tessa Knapp, George Ksander, Evan Ksander, Robert Lee, Barbara Legg, Sarah McDonald, Christopher Merwald, Frank Modica, Joanne Montero, Kristina Anne Munson, Patrick (Lucky) Murphy, Paula Murphy, Tom Murphy, Stephen Neu. Jacki Noe, Ruby Passarelli, Mike Peters, Donna Ponce, Regina Purcell, Juli Ramirez, Anthony Rawson

Gina Raye, Luke Raye, Ivory Raye , John Raye, Deborah Rodighiero, John Romero, Juli Rydzewski, Bill Schaefer, Tom Schlutz, Colleen Schultz, Tom Sciacca, Teran Serazio, Steve Serazio, Neil Sexton, Marc Silvis, Laura Slesarik, Stacie Strait, Mary Strange, Tom Thickstun, Ian Thickstun, Heather Trujillo, Carmela Vanore, Brock Vessell, Gary Vigil, Jessica Vigil, Kathy Walk, Michael Wells, Chrissy Whalen, George Winnick, Dylan Wright, Bruce Yohe, Susie Zambonato

Trinidaddio Blues Festival Begins

Steeped in the traditions of Chicago Blues and New Orleans Trinidaddio’s Line up always provides a powerful mix of artists and an abundance of Talent.

Join us August 25th for Trinidaddio Blues Fest 2018 you will not want to miss this one. It’s going to be great!!

And don’t forget the PreFest Party Friday, August 24!  A Free Event!  Downtown at Main & Commercial Sts.

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